Counterbalance valves

The main purpose of the counterbalance valve is to one-sidedly prevent uncontrolled movement of a hydraulically positioned load and limit the maximum pressure due to overload or sudden manoeuvring.

Zawory hamujące-przeciążeniowe

Standard CB Counterbalance valves are also known as load holding valves, over-centre valves or overrun valve. These versatile valves have various uses:

Suitable for diverse applications such as lifting applications, hydraulic cylinder, winches, extensible movable bridge, etc.
Lowers velocity control and stationary load holding.
Provides protection against hydraulic line failure and pressure shocks when placed next to actuator.
A CA counterbalance valve is normally used in regeneration circuits and servo/proportional valve circuits.
Specifications of CB counterbalance valve:

Rated flow of up to: 480 LPM
Pressure range of: 70 Bar – 350 Bar
Maximum leakage at reseat: (85% of setting) is 5 drops per minute
Special feature of CB counterbalance valve:

Stainless Steel counterbalance (CB) valves (External component) are also available.

Zawory hamujące-przeciążeniowe
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