Cartrige valves and accessories


Winner Hydraulics is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cartridge valves and their accessories.
These products are used in stationary and mobile hydraulic systems. Using a wide range of seat sizes, we can select a flow range up to as much as 480 l/min. Currently, the manufacturer offers hundreds of types of valves for power hydraulics control and safety systems



Using cartridge valves and bodies of the ML series we can configure compact in-line valves and with blocks of the MH03/05 series to obtain complete valves for CETOP sandwich mounting.


All manufacturing processes are carried out in a single Winner Hydraulics plant, which gives 100% product quality control. Fully automated and state-of-the-art machines and full quality control of input materials make it possible to obtain the highest quality product. The ultra-modern nickel-zinc electroplating line is a guarantee of perfect corrosion protection. Hydropress is the only company on the market to supply zinc-nickel-coated valves as standard!


After production, 100% of the valves to be shipped are checked in stringent tests so that the final product can meet the most demanding needs. Consequently, a 3-year warranty on products with the Winner Hydraulics logo is offered.
As the exclusive distributor of Winner Hydraulics products in this part of Europe, we have sold thousands of valves on our market without ever dealing with a quality claim.


Winner Hydraulics products are also an alternative for Sun Hydraulics, HydraForce valves etc.



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