Flow control valves

Zawory regulujące przepływ

Uses of 2-port and 3-port Flow pressure compensated valve (FR):

Regulates flow for meter-in and meter-out applications with wide pressure variations.
Offer accurate control in “bleed-off” circuits where the load pressure and inlet flow are relatively constant.
Specifications of Flow pressure compensated valve (FR):

  • Rated flow up to 200 LPM
  • Max pressure 350 Bar

Special features of 3-port Flow pressure compensated valve (FR):

A fixed orifice setting to determine pressure-compensated priority flow at port 3
Excess flow at the bypass port (port 2) is available for secondary circuit use.
Both priority and bypass flow are usable to the system operating pressure.
Priority flow will remain relatively constant with widely carrying input flows.

Zawory regulujące przepływ
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Zawory zwrotno-dławiące

Flow control valves (NC) are fully adjustable orifices, needle vales with reverse-flow check. Their uses include:

Flow regulation
Specifications of Flow control valve (NC):

  • Rate flow up to 250 LPM
  • Maximum operating pressure of 350 bar

Special Features of Flow control valve (NC):

Infinitely adjustable from fully flossed up to the maximum orifice diameter.
Features a sharp-edged orifice design that minimizes flow variations due to viscosity changes.

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Uses of Flow Control Valves (NV):

Regulate flow control
When placed ahead of a control device or actuator, needle valves act as a meter-in device
When placed on the downstream side of a control device, they act to meter-out flow from the actuator
Specifications of NV:

  • Rated flow of up to 520 LPM
  • Maximum pressure of up to 350 Bar

Special features of NV:

Adjustable needle allows for accurate flow control. Coupling this with an integral check valve will enable unrestricted flow from port 2 to port 1.
A balanced adjusting mechanism for low operating effort at high pressure.
Sharp-edged orifice design to minimise flow variation with viscosity changes.
Optional needle orifice ranges.
Positive shut-off of flow when closed.
Five turns of adjustment.

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